Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: The Roundhouse

When the weather is miserable there is nothing better to do than eat! And this is exactly what we did last Sunday.

Felchin Chocolate Fondant with Seville Orange Ice Cream and Creme Anglaise
(The Creme Anglaise is ceremoniously poured at the table by the waiter)

The road to The Roundhouse in Camps Bay is long and winding (I feel a song coming on), but this road does nothing to deter you, in fact with each turn and twist, edged with age-old trees, I felt my excitement mounting and on arriving at this tucked away gem, the view, simply, took my breath away.

I was in awe as history seemed to unfold before my mind's eye.

(Taken from the web)

(Taken from the web)

In fact, while walking into the restaurant, I could imagine myself in a black and white movie - so transported to a bygone era was I.

Our friends were tucked away in an alcove, which immediately gave a sense of privacy, almost as if I was visiting a friend's home for lunch (A very rich friend with a well-oiled contingent of staff).

The Maitre d' was superb - explaining the intricacies of each dish and providing recommendations. We all decided to go with the "Express Lunch Menu", which consisted of three courses, with two choices for each.

Menu R180 or Menu with Pairing R345.

Most of us opted for the recommendations:

STARTER: Lezena Free Range Chicken Terrine and Parfait with Nasturtium Berry Tapenade, Eve Figs and Pine

The chicken was unbelievably tender and moist and the accompanying flavours and textures took my taste buds on a journey, with each mouthful being a new avenue to explore and savour.

MAIN: 24 Hour Lamb Shoulder with Charred Aubergine, Radish and Fennel

The charred aubergine and strong flavours of radish and fennel complimented this robust dish excellently. The lamb was melt in the mouth and the gravy unctuous.

DESSERT: Almond Frangipane with Vanilla Creme, Marzipan and Chocolate Croquant

The flavours struck an individual cord, yet harmonized brilliantly. I adored the tiny balls of marzipan, the crunchy shards of dark chocolate and the delicate almond frangipane.

Each dish was accompanied by heavenly wines, (chosen by one of my learned dining companions); a wooded, almost syrupy, chardonnay for the starter and a deep, powerful red blend for the main.

If this is what it feels like to be royalty, bring it on!
Prince Harry, where are you? ;-)

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