Looking after your body: Bio-Feedback Therapy

I wrote this post on 29 September 2010:

I very rarely blog about my symptoms or the pain I experience when eating foods that do not agree with me, but boy this weekend was one weekend that does need to be mentioned. Yes, I did abuse my body in extraordinary ways from a delicious dinner at So Yum in Hyde Park on Thursday, to the Good Food and Wine Show on Friday, a family 50th on Friday evening and an amazing wedding at the Westcliff on Saturday. Occasionally events happen all at once, I try my best to control what I eat, but sometimes it is impossible.

On Saturday evening my stomach began to shudder in agony - the waves of cramps made it impossible to sleep and it felt like a fist was clenched around my insides - squeezing them with evil enjoyment. By Sunday my body was incapable of coping and I spent the day bolted to the bathroom. My body was so weak I didn't even have the energy to move and it was impossible to keep anything down while that fist was still clawing around my battered stomach.

It could very well have been food poisoning as my friend experienced exactly the same thing, or it could have been a stomach bug - something has been going around, but I know cheating did have a little to do with it.

And this is the reason for this blog post - I want to beseech you to take care of your body. If you are not feeling well - if you have recurring stomach cramps, indigestion, bloating, little or no energy, sinus, and are struggling to sleep at night or if you just have not been feeling yourself for quite a while - please go and have it checked out - it could be something more serious than you assume. We only have one body in this life and we must do everything we can to look after it. Please do not ignore what your body is trying to tell you!

A friend of mine has been living in absolute agony for the past year and last week it got to the point where she would rather not eat anything as it hurt too much. I begged her to do something about it - so this weekend she went to see an Iridologist in the Fourways Mall. By looking into her eyes he was able to see what was wrong with her body and he gave her some remedies to take - and in three days she has already felt an amazing difference - she can't believe she waited so long to sort it out! But fear plays a huge role in procrastination. Believe me; it is better to fix yourself than live with the agony. She has discovered that she has intolerances to gluten and yeast and to a lesser extent dairy. Her new journey is just beginning...

The reason for my recent apparent lack of care over my own body is due to the fact that I have been feeling invincible lately - I have even begun to believe that my food allergies have almost disappeared and it is all down to one thing - "Bio-Feedback Therapy" and a lady called Tenielle from Sense-U-Well.

Tenielle has been a godsend in my life - I was introduced to her through a friend and I have been having sessions with her since June - the changes I can see in myself are unbelievable and each time I go to her my food intolerances become less and less significant. In the beginning, my body was plagued with parasites and organs such as my intestines, liver, pancreas and gallbladder were damaged due to the intolerances, but they have slowly started to fix themselves. Now, this may seem too good to be true and for some people it will be impossible to believe, as impossible as someone looking into your eye and being able to see what is wrong with you - but I am proof that Bio-Feedback Therapy does work.

It is very complicated to explain what it is, but I am going to try my best - with the help of e-mails from Tenielle.

"Sense-u-well is involved with restoring homeostasis (The ability or tendency of an organism to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes) in the body.

A device called a SCIO or INDIGO is connected to your wrists, ankles and head. It then painlessly and energetically scans the body and detects any imbalances (namely vitamin excess or deficiencies, organs that have been damaged or that are not functioning correctly, hormonal or emotional imbalances, old injuries or even possible future problems). This is then analyzed by a practitioner and then it allows one to address the imbalances with suitable therapies, nutrition, exercises, remedies and healing mechanisms all given within the therapy itself.

The great thing about the therapy is that it is completely painless and actually very relaxing.

Many stress imbalances are worked on from: headaches, cellulite and youth preservation right through to more serious ailments and disease such as allergies/ sensitivities, parasites, spinal imbalances, emotional disorders, cancer, auto-immune dysfunction, etc...

Emotions are also important - quite often physical pain does not have a "physical" cause, it could be emotional which is very important to address.

General balancing is also done whereby people just balance their body to keep it in tip top shape."

"You do not have to take any remedies as such but you will be treated with frequencies that are the same as the remedy required and unlike homeopathy where some doctors can incorrectly diagnose, energetic medicine is highly technical and sophisticated so NO MISDIAGNOSIS can occur. You body will “tell” the machine what is wrong with you using response frequencies. This type of healing is operated using state of the art technology that is licenced by the South African Health Council and international Health Councils in Europe in places like the UK and Hungary. It is used daily by Doctors and Health professionals in order to detect stresses in patients accurately, quickly and efficiently."

"Quantum physics has provided a scientific understanding to the electromagnetism at the heart of energetic medicine. It has also discovered that the human system at its most basic level operates according to the laws of quantum physics and energetics. Everything - emotions, thought forms, physical health and illness, has characteristic electromagnetic waveforms. Technology in the form of sensitive sensing and computing power to address the vast mathematics of quantum physics brings the ancient healing arts within the grasp of all."

This is not an advert for Tenielle - I am in no way getting paid for endorsing her or her company. I just believe so deeply in her and the machine's abilities and am so thankful that she has come into my life.

For further information or to make a booking for yourself you can contact Tenielle on tenielle@senseuwell.co.za. She is situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

I started writing this blog post yesterday during which time I learnt of an amazingly brilliant blogger who had passed away at the age of 28 from stage IV cancer. I am so sad that I didn't get to know her sooner, her writing has touched me in ways that I can't describe - and something she wrote in one of her posts has been playing over and over in my mind; I wonder how things would have turned out if I had seen a doctor three years ago instead of two years ago?

Please do not play with something as important as your health. The reason I started this blog was to help people and I hope that in some small way my blog has helped at least one person change his or her life for the better.