Monday, October 17, 2011

Harbour House - A Review

One day when I'm big, I'm gonna have a house that looks like this...

Sitting by the window, at table 3, looking down as the waves crashed against the rocks, I felt content... this now, this is what I wanted - to be served delicious food and to be lulled by the rhythmic chanting of the waves.

Inspiration took me by the hand and guided me around the room; I was a woman possessed, I had to take pictures - there was beauty everywhere I looked; from the picturesque setting, to the lazy seals, even the weathered paint on the outside walls seemed romantic. And the beach-house effect... that was just home to me.

Harbour House is situated in the quaint fishing village of Kalk Bay. The unassuming location transports you to a time when everything was done by hand and the clock stands still, for just a moment longer...

As I walked along the pier, I drifted to Greece or Italy, so beautiful were the surroundings - this was an enchanted world where anything was possible.

The right thing to do in such a setting would be to appreciate the gifts from the sea, in all their glory - and that is what I did.

For the month of October, Harbour House is running a special - two courses for R140 or 3 courses for R160 - this is great value as the portions are generous.

I had mussels to start is a gloriously flavourful sauce of garlic, onion, thyme, white wine and cream... I went straight to my happy place with the first mouthful! The simple flavours, when combined, seemed to sing in my mouth.

My main was Sauteed Paprika Calamari with black olives, caper berries, lemon zest, garlic and chilli. Served with savoury rice. This was a treat for the senses: the colours burst on the plate and the flavours were fresh and uniquely defined.

One of the desserts on offer was a Strawberry Layer Cake with fresh strawberries and creme anglaise, I didn't taste it, but I heard the murmurs of happiness.

The winelist is extensive with some unique choices, by the glass. I had the Glen Carlou Chardonnay, which is lightly wooded, with yeasty notes and subtle hints of tropical fruit.

Harbour House at the V&A Waterfront is said to be opening next week. I personally can't wait to go and make some new memories there!


  1. I love the photos...oh goodness and the food!
    Ari (@RandomHoots)

  2. Bugger...the screen taste...dusty! YUK!!!
    Ari (@RandomHoots)

  3. i am in love with this place and the seafood are so fresh.

  4. Ummmm hello??? I live precisely 3 minutes further down the road! Just saying...for next time! Love both Harbour House restaurants. I did a review of the new V&A one a few days ago. Stunning! You will love it I'm sure! xx