Thursday, May 26, 2011

Road trippin'

"Road trippin' with my two favourite allies; fully loaded we got snacks and supplies; it's time to leave this town; it's time to steal away..."

Excitement, sadness, suspense, drama, indecision.

Mist blanketed our way to the first toll plaza, where we converged like sheep with the rest of the early morning travellers.

As dawn broke, placing the nightmare of the mist behind us, 51kms of roadworks stretched before us.

The Garmin told us of a detour on a dirt road, which we decided to take, along with the rest of the sheep - a lonely beacon in the form of a tree with brilliant orange leaves, grinned at us from the sidelines as if it knew that we were to be greeted on the other end by another stop and go, which would last an hour and a half!

Singing along to road trip songs and playing eye spy and other mind games helped pass the time, until 14 hours after departing, we arrived in Beaufort West; slightly wilted - keen for a relaxing bath, a drink and some warm food!

The following day we rose with much excitement, eager to complete our journey. The scenery was magnificent, the tunnel an excellent experience. At last we made it to my new home by the sea with its view of the "mountain", strange roads and speed limits.

In the first week, finding my way around was a challenge – I got lost in the Waterfront, (I knew I would laugh about it later, but it wasn't funny at the time as the drizzle turned me into a drowned rat) going to and from the airport and pretty much anywhere else I decided to go. I've since put the Garmin away and am using the mountain as my guide.

Now I am finding joy in the unknown – embracing the challenge.

Before long I will be a Capetonian!

P.S. My article in the CLEO Magazine is out now (June issue)

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