Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bring On the Summer Weather

Last weekend was the first glimpse of the beautiful summer weather just around the corner and Dre and I decided to take advantage with a braai.

I wanted a healthy braai and was intent on making my own marinade as who really knows what goes into them otherwise! And I just love kebabs - I don't really know why - maybe because of the fact that I hate bones in meat (I know, I'm weird ;-)) and it's also possible to combine the meat with other flavours for an even greater taste sensation!

We kicked off proceedings with a refreshing cocktail - just the thing to symbolise a summer's day with strawberries and mint - mmmm... yum!

Summer Cocktail:


A Handful of Strawberries, Sliced
A Handful of Mint, Torn
2 Litres Sparkling Water
Blackcurrant or Strawberry Cocktail Mix, To Taste
Tonic Water or Lime Cordial, To Taste
Gin or Vodka (Optional), To Taste


Combine all ingredients in a big jug
Mix together and serve

I settled on Beef Kebabs with Braai'd Potatoes:
(Makes 8 - 9 Kebabs)


500 - 700g Good Quality Beef (Such as Rump Steak Cut into Cubes)
1 - 2 Onions, Cut into Large Chunks and Layers Separated
2 - 3 Large Peppers (Yellow, Green, Red), Cut into Large Chunks
Tin Foil


Olive Oil
Dried Thyme
Dried Oregano
Lemon Juice
Soya Sauce (Gluten Free)
Herbal Salt
Cracked Black Pepper


Marinate the meat in the marinade for a minimum of an hour - combining marinade ingredients as per taste
Start creating the kebabs, by layering the rump, peppers and onions
Do this until all ingredients have been used up or until you run out of kebab sticks
Coat with a final amount of olive oil so that the kebabs do not burn on the braai
Wrap the potatoes in tin foil - poking the potatoes with a knife or fork before doing so
You can rub olive oil over them and sprinkle with herbs, salt and pepper for extra flavour before wrapping them
Cook in the coals for about 20 minutes, until a sharp knife goes straight through the potato
Serve with a salad

Such bright and vibrant colours - don't they just scream summer?

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  1. Wouldn't mind some of those cocktails to get me through this Friday afternoon!