Wednesday, August 25, 2010

World's Best Chicken Noodle Soup

I don't know what has happened this year, but it seems the flu viruses are in full force - they just seem to be going round and round, mutating and then whacking us again and again. Anyone would think we were in Australia - I have dubbed it the "boomerang flu".

It is especially frustrating at work, just when I've overcome a bout of flu; someone else seems to get it and WHACK! I've got it again... lucky for me, I haven't been hit as hard as others, but it is frustrating none the less!

Last week was no exception - it was a very stressful working week and I suddenly felt a sore throat coming on - it was the absolute worst time to get it because my Dad and Ali were coming from Plett and we were all going to watch the rugby (SA vs New Zealand). Every time I think of the opening to the game I get goose bumps - nowhere else in the world would you have felt such electricity and patriotism - I was exceptionally proud to be a South African! The hakka was drowned out by impassioned fans screaming Ole Ole Ole at the top of their lungs and don't even get me started on the anthem - hair raising stuff!

The opening held such promise and possibility - we were going to beat the All Blacks and all 94 000 of us (give or take a few New Zealanders) were waving their South African flags in encouragement... Unfortunately it was not to be as New Zealand came back in the end with a try in the final moments of the game to beat us by 7 points. Oh well, I am still ecstatic that I was part of that little piece of record breaking history! What a game!

To try and scare away the lurgies - I made myself a delightfully delectable soup. It was my first attempt at a chicken noodle soup, but wow - did I get it spot on. It was so flavoursome and I'm sure it frightened away some germs :)

Gluten and Dairy Free Chicken Noodle Soup:
(Serves 4)


2 Meilies, Cooked and Corn Removed from Cob
Gluten Free Pasta, Cooked (I used Glutagon Fettuccine)
2 Roast Chicken Breasts (Skins Removed and Sliced) I used the Woolies ones
1 Onion, Diced
2 - 3 Celery Stalks, Sliced
2 - 3 Carrots, Sliced
1 Litre Vegetable or Chicken Stock (Gluten Free)
200mls Coconut Milk
1 Teaspoon Fish Sauce
A Handful of Chives, Chopped
A Few Spring Onions, Chopped
1 Teaspoon Nutmeg
1 Teaspoon Chilli Flakes
Fresh Coriander for Serving
Grape Seed Oil for Frying
Herbal Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, to Taste


Put meilies on to boil for about 5 minutes until they turn bright yellow - remove corn from the cob
Put pasta onto boil - do not overcook, make sure it is slightly underdone because it will cook in the soup
Fry the onion in grape seed oil, or any other healthy oil, until translucent
Add the celery and carrots and fry for a further few minutes
Add in the stock and the coconut milk
Add the fish sauce, nutmeg, chilli flakes and salt and pepper to taste
Add in the corn, chives, spring onion and chicken
Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 minutes
Just before serving, add in the cooked pasta and the coriander
Serve while still piping hot

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