Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cloud Nine

I am on such a high - I came second in Nina's Thai Event. I have never won anything in my life - and what better validation to win (or come second in) a cooking competition when you love to cook? Better still, to win a Thai Cookbook when your favourite food is Thai?!

The competition was very stiff - I was among 8 esteemed bloggers. Jan Tripepi won the first prize of a meal at Wang Thai in Milnerton and what a well deserved winner she was. Not only was her meal a virtual extravaganza for the senses, but her blogs are an ode to food - her passion and love for food practically bounces off your screen. She is so inspiring and her step by step visuals make you want to race into the kitchen - she makes it look so easy! Congrats Jan! :)

Thanks so much Nina - I am on cloud nine! :)

Now, what recipe can I end off this post with - I need something wow and with pizzazz and something that epitomises my love of thai flavours...

Ok, so nothing can match the way I'm feeling right now - so I'll end off with this:

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