Monday, September 6, 2010

Milestone and Nigella Mixing Bowls

I started blogging in February of this year and decided to join the food blogger community on Food24 in March, since then I have been on an incredible journey of discovery... of myself; my boundaries, my character and my passion...And you have all witnessed, and thus, travelled along this journey with me, which I thank you for, from the bottom of my heart! For me, a milestone was reached last week, when I hit 50 000 views on Food24. This is an amazing achievement for me and to have reached it in such a short space of time is brilliant. My target market is a niche one, but I have been welcomed and encouraged with open arms - and I hope I will be able to inspire, help and entertain you on an even greater level for the next 50 000 views - thank you for supporting me in my quest for allergy free eating :)

One of my prized birthday gifts is from my mom - a set of 4 Nigella mixing bowls! My mom has an online gift boutique called Cinnamon Sue. She supplies the most exquisite things: kitchen goodies such as pasta machines, ice cream makers, items from the gorgeous Kitchen Aid range, tagines, and every other kitchen gadget in between; she also stocks amazing hand painted Lolita glasses, pure cotton percale bed linen, Linari room fragrances as well as decorative bowls, platters and vases, just to name a few. If you love all things kitchen and all things beautiful - why not go and have a look for yourself - I'm sure you will be lost for hours?! She even does registries, which is awesome if you love having unique, one of a kind pieces, which your friends can drool over :)

I am obsessed with watching food programmes - I don't actually watch much "normal" tv - I prefer to read books and magazines about food too - you could say that right now, I eat, breathe and sleep food :)

I first saw these mixing bowls on one of Nigella's episodes - and I thought how awesome they were - such a clever design - so easy to pour from, a sieve rests perfectly on top of the second biggest one, they are light weight and the perfect shape to hold in one hand and to beat away at the mixture in the other. They are all different sizes and fit into each other, which makes storage a dream. They don't only have to be used for mixing though - they can be used to serve pasta or a salad or as a decorative bowl for the table.

"I just love this curving, slightly bulging egg-shaped form. These are fabulous for mixing in and pouring from and, held close to you as you beat a batter or whisk some eggs, are gorgeously comforting to cradle. I love them also filled with lemons or limes, or indeed any fruit. And eggs look beautiful in the smaller sized ones". Nigella Lawson.

I have been coveting these bowls for a while, so when my mom gave them to me as a birthday present - I was overjoyed - I couldn't wait to rip open the box and put them to good use! They do everything Nigella says they should, and more! I love, love, love them! And they look so pretty too :)

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