Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Breakfast Ideas

Here are some other quick and simple, yummy breakfast ideas: (because you don't want to be fussing too much in the mornings before work - work is stressful enough ;-)):

  • Banana smoothie with honey, raw almonds and soya/rice milk (or any other milk of your choice)
    •  blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth
  •  Fruit salad with nectarine, litchis and pomegranate seeds
    • Pomegranate is a very good source of vitamin C and is high in antioxidants and Vitamin B5 as well as being low GI
  • Oats topped with raw pear (not if you are allergic to gluten) I am now able to eat most glutens, except for wheat (I was only mildly allergic to them - so I had to abstain from them for 2 months to get them out of my system, now I am slowly introducing them back into my diet and monitoring my body's reaction to them)
    • Cook oats as instructed on the packet. (I like the "organic rolled oats" from Woolies. It cooks in 5-7 mins) add sugar to taste and then top with raw pear. Cinnamon also goes very nicely with this
  • Oats with soya/rice milk, pecan nuts and treacle sugar (not if you are allergic to gluten)
    • Cook oats as instructed on the packet (you can even cook it in the milk). Crumble the pecan nuts over the oats and sprinkle with the ant-like sugar 
  • Quinoa porridge with soya/rice milk, five spice sugar and blue berries
    • Quinoa is seen as a super food as it contains a balanced set of amino acids, which makes it an extremely good source of protein. It is also gluten-free. When cooked the tiny balls take on a translucent quality and have a yellowish border around them. Quinoa can be cooked in the same way as rice and can even be eaten with savoury dishes. For this meal, you may either cook it in a little water or milk until it has all been absorbed. Add the five spice sugar to the cooking quinoa (I use organic five spice sugar from Fresh Earth) Cool the cooked quinoa down a little and then top with the blueberries. Blueberries are also seen as a super food - they are high in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and dietary fibre and also have a low GI
  • Maltabella with honey and almond flakes
    • Cook the Maltabella as directed on the packet. (I use Bokomo Matabella - it cooks in 2-5 mins) Maltabella is made from sorghum and is gluten free. Top with honey and flaked almonds.
  • Red pear, mango and blackberry fruit salad
    • Blackberries contain rich amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
Tip: Add pumpkin seeds to fruit salads to lower the GI and to give another texture and crunch.

Do you have any of your own yummy breakfast recipes? If so, please share them; I am constantly looking for new things to eat for breakfast!

As always, if you try any of my recipes, I'd love to hear what you think of them.

Until next time - happy easy breakfast eating :)


  1. On your Banana Smoothie - look I love smoothies but I never thought of it as a meal on it's own. So when you gave me that and only that as breakfast, I thought - oh dear - I'm going to be starving by 9am! But actually, it was very filling and I felt good afterwards. Nice touch is the almonds. Thanks Leaine!

  2. I also had my reservations when I first made it for breakfast, also thinking that I wouldn't stay full for long - but because the almonds are Low GI, they help in keeping you fuller for longer. This has become one of my favourite breakfasts - I also like to add strawberries to it