Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'd Kill For a Slice of Chocolate Cake!

I'm sure you've said the above at least once in your life, if not once a week :). I know I have, although my cravings were not for sweets, but rather for anything savoury.

In my previous post about oils, I briefly touched on cravings, so I thought I'd elaborate.

If you have type III allergies to foods, you might be aware that these foods can act like a drug, giving you a feeling of euphoria, or putting you on a high. This is how I lived for many years, without even realising it!

The foods you become allergic to are usually the foods you love the most - you may think that garlic is a strange food to be allergic to, but it'd make perfect sense if I told you that I used to eat it every day, sometimes twice a day (because of having leftovers for lunch). Your body builds up anti-bodies against these offending foods, which find their way into the blood stream through perforations, such as ulcers in the intestinal wall. In other words, the more you eat the foods, the more your body fights them, creating a constant battle in your body.

But, oblivious to what these foods are doing to your body, you crave them more; hooked on the way they make you feel. Although, as the saying goes, what goes up, must come down... And boy, did I hate the downs, therefore I would subconsciously eat more, to try and keep that feeling. My cravings never seemed to go away; I'd dream about devouring a packet of crisps while at work and when I came home, I'd do it!

I started buying salted pretzels because I thought they'd be healthier for me, but the wheat in them actually made things worse, as did the yeast in rice cakes and "Vita Snacks." But I couldn't seem to stop myself, I was out of control; hooked on the feeling.

Today, since eliminating the foods from my diet, I no longer have intense cravings - it actually feels like something is missing, but I convince myself that it's a good thing :).

Being allergic to dairy means that most chocolates are out, although some dark chocolates, such as Lindt do not contain milk, therefore a few squares are ok to eat every now and again. (Always read the ingredients though).

A good replacement for chips that contain yeast are flavoured nachos - you can buy these at Dischem or Health Shops, but just double check that the flavourants do not contain yeast.

After a few weeks of eliminating the toxic foods from your diet, take it from me, your cravings will have diminished considerably, if not have gone entirely. You will be satisfied with a piece of fruit, a handful of popcorn, some roasted chickpeas or nachos with a dip.

Don't despair, there are also many desserts you can make or eat that don't contain dairy, eggs, glutens or yeast - the one that springs to mind is tofu ice cream - this is as creamy as a normal ice cream - you won't even know the difference!

If you have your own craving experiences, please share them with us!

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