Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Match Made in Heaven

One of the foods I miss the most is a simple toasted cheese and tomato. Cheese and tomato, to me, is a match made in heaven - two ingredients that are quite boring apart, just seem to ignite in a burst of flavour when paired together.

On my trip to Fruits and Roots, I found something called No-D Cheese, which is a dairy free alternative to cheese; made from baby marrow, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, agar agar (a natural binding agent made from seaweed) and non-iodised salt. This product is made by Free Food.

On the packet it promises to grate, cube and melt and I was willing to put it to the test.

The likeness test: It looks like cheese, like mozzarella or a white cheddar. It feels like cheese, when still in its packaging, (when taken out of the packaging it is a little wet.) It slices like cheese.

The taste test: Unfortunately, it falls short of the real taste of cheese; it doesn't have that creamy tang that I love, instead it has a strong taste of olive oil, but all will be forgiven if it melts!

The melting test: It melts!

The toasted sandwich test: Also while visiting Fruits and Roots, I acquired a sour dough bread, which does not contain any added yeast - made from buckwheat, millet and rye, another option would be sour dough rice bread (rye is a gluten, but one that I wasn't highly allergic to - 4 months have past without eating rye in my diet - therefore I can introduce it back and study my body to see if there is a reaction).

Armed with my arsenal of sour dough bread, no-d cheese, a tomato and toasted sandwich machine - I was
ready for action...

I am pleased to say that my healthy alternative to a toasted cheese and tomato did the trick for me. Hooray! In my opinion all the flavours work hand in hand to create a sandwich almost on the same level as my all-time favourite. Now, I can live with that!

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